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As a follow-up to the Bogey’s email, we will have a laptop at the meeting for those choosing to remain away from the festivities.  Just remember the meeting at Bogey’s begins at 7:00 am but setting up the laptop and accessing wifi will take a bit of time so joining may be delayed for a few minutes.  Bogey’s opens at 7:00 am, we have had trouble with it not being open when we arrive, factor that in should it seem to be taking in inordinate amount of time receiving an invite.

Either way I hope you can make it, would be fun to have double-digit attendance!




Unless you have taken a tour of Alcatraz, the majority of us have never experienced the stark and stunning reality of a prison cell and related repercussions.  Relegated to an existence you would rather wake up from, there is little relief from negativity other than welcome communication from “the outside”, especially family who sympathize with your plight and act to bring some sense of sunlight to your world.  Decline of faculties usually occurs when this vital link is broken, some of which may have no hope of recovery.

Individuals in assisted living and nursing homes may have a somewhat parallel life depending on a variety of factors.  The invasion of this virus has severely restricted contact in hope mitigation will be upon us sooner than later, leading to isolation across the entire spectrum of living and impacting more severely those living in those homes.

CareCards is a program recently developed and adopted by Tempe Sunrise to answer the best possible way the challenges presented.  Similar to correspondence with overseas military personnel, the program is designed to brighten senior’s lives with cards from strangers of all ages who take the time to make and submit them.  Supplies and money can also be donated, our club will be funding postage.

More info on our new website: 

CareCards link:


Our goal is to grow the program, not only for current circumstances but just because it needs to be done.  Should you have talent or desire in this area or know someone who may, please consider exercising it or spreading the word.